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Gale Ritterhoff

  • A New Facility Aims to Help Those ‘Aging Out’ of Elizabeth Seton

    A 21-plus population facing exile spurs the Yonkers children’s center to action.
  • A Visionary Tech Firm Moves From Berkeley to Peekskill

    After relocating his DIY PCB company from California to the Hudson Valley, entrepreneur/tech wiz Bre Pettis brings ideas and dollars to Peekskill.
  • How Westchester’s Funeral Industry Adapted During the COVID-19 Crisis

    The coronavirus crisis forced the funeral industry in Westchester to adapt quickly to a shifting landscape.
  • Karina Yücel, 28

    Digital Marketing and Community Engagement Manager Thompson & Bender If you ran in the Yonkers Marathon last year, Karina Yücel may have played a part in getting you there. The social media strategist was integral to the campaign run by her employer, Briarcliff-based PR firm Thompson & Bender, which increased the number of marathon participants […]
  • Tom Hunt, 29

    Senior Manager of External Communications Heineken USA “It’s PR, not the ER” is a well-known saying used to lower anxiety levels in the high-stress world of corporate communications. The phrase has special meaning for Tom Hunt, who actually worked as an operating-room technician in Australia, before later joining Heineken USA in White Plains, where he […]
  • Michelle Lamela, 27

    Vice President of Human Resources American Christmas Ever notice how New York City seems to turn Christmassy overnight? A large part of this apparently “magical” appearance of decorations and lights is actually the result of hard work and planning by local company American Christmas. Saks Fifth Avenue, Cartier, and Radio City Musical Hall are just […]
  • Kate Casaday, 28

    Manager of Business Services — Population Health and Value-Based Lead CareMount Medical Kate Casaday’s mouthful of a title needs a translation: She is working on methods to change the way healthcare providers and insurance companies communicate with each other and, ultimately, the way medical care is priced and paid for. In value-based care, Casaday explains, […]
  • Michael Hershfield, 29

    CEO Beautiful Screens Michael Hershfield joined Mount Vernon-based Beautiful Screens as CEO in 2018. The company, which creates games and other applications for use with connected TVs, has grown exponentially since his arrival. Offering some 18 apps when he joined the firm, Beautiful Screens now offers more than 275 games and utilities for approximately 325,000 […]
  • How to Spend ‘Take a Walk In the Park Day’

    Stroll through your local park on March 30.
  • Meet Mount Vernon’s New Mayor

    History-making Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard discusses her rise to the top of the city she loves.