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Anne Maxfield

  • This Small-Batch Caramel Sauce Is Absolute Confection Perfection

    You'll be stocking your freezer with extra quarts of vanilla ice cream just to eat more.
  • This Bottled Water is Sourced From…Maple Trees?

    One company is out to prove there’s more to maple trees than syrup.
  • Fare Well: Bona Fide

    Leslie Lampert tending to a pot of broth They haven’t reached green drink status, but bone broths have emerged as the next on-trend health drink. If you thought chicken soup was good for you, imagine what super-concentrated chicken-bone broth can do. Leslie Lampert of Ladle of Love did, which is why both chicken-bone broth ($9.75/pt) and […]
  • From Cow to Caramel

    Artisan caramels at La Petite Occasion.