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Alyson Krueger

  • NBC’s Sara Gore Loves Her Bronxville Life

    Host of NBC’s Open House NYC as well as the hit show New York Live, Sara Gore is revealing the very best of New York to millions while enjoying her fulfilling Bronxville life.
  • WNBC's Stefan Holt Talks Living in Westchester

    The TV anchor provides a peek into his bucolic, and altogether gratifying, New Rochelle existence.
  • Business Guru Fran Hauser on Her Career Pioneering Female Empowerment

    The angel investor and Bedford resident explains how she rose to the top in a different way.
  • Jamie Imperati

    PRESIDENT & FOUNDER; Professional Women of Westchester
  • Angela Ciminello

  • Maria Valente

    OWNER; Chocolations
  • Women in Business 2016

    Meet 18 of Westchester’s most powerful executives, entrepreneurs, and government and nonprofit leaders
  • Publishing Power Couple

    Nancy Paulsen, president and publisher of her own imprint at Penguin Random House, and her husband, David Friend, editor of creative development at Vanity Fair, open up on their storybook past and connection to the county
  • 31 Ways To Learn Something New In 2016

    31 new things to learn in 2016—and where to go to master them.
  • Bonnie Hagen

    Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Bright Energy Services