Wave 'Bye' to All Your Haters From This Private Island in New Rochelle

Get away from it all — really, everything — on this entirely self-sufficient island retreat.

Whether it’s dreams of winning the lottery, escaping from the cacophony of the day-to-day, or just idly planning where to wait out the inevitable zombie apocalypse, everyone has fantasized about owning a fabulous home on their own private island.

For those of us not ready to go full-Walden, however, this recently rebuilt and renovated New Rochelle home has enough amenities and modern conveniences added in to make you forget you’re living 0.2 nautical miles from the nearest land-dwelling lifeform.

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Location: 1 Columbia Island, New Rochelle

Description: Originally built in 1940, this property sits on its one private island off the coast of New Rochelle, protected on all sides by a five-foot thick sea wall. Heat and new radiant heat flooring are powered by triple-redundant boilers, while electricity is drawn from a quadruple-redundant combination of two independent solar networks (that easily withstood Hurricane Sandy) and two diesel backup generators and battery storage for up to a week’s worth of basic operation. Adding in on-site sewage and water desalination (with 1,000 gallon capacity), the property only needs one yearly fuel delivery to be truly off-grid.


The house itself is a 4-bed/2-bath single-family home of 5,265 sq. ft., with a modern eat-in kitchen, plenty of recreation space, and even a bit of private beach for sound-side lounging and 5 acres of lush greenery on the nearby Pea Island. There’s built-in sprinkler and fire-suppression systems and, yes, triple-redundant flood protection.

Asking Price: $13,000,000; est. annual property taxes: $42,885

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Selling points: It’s a private island. Seriously. You can only get there by boat.

Listing agent: Patti Anderson, William Pitt/Julia B Fee Sotheby’s International Realty

Check out more photos of this property below, or head over to the listing for more details.