Trilogy Bake Shop's The Trilogy Puts Nutella And Gelato To Good Use

Sweet toast, gelato, Nutella—how can something this decadent exist?

The newly opened Trilogy Bake Shop in New Rochelle is giving customers plenty of reasons to stop in (i.e., dulce de leche brownies, Mexican wedding cookies, marshmallow chocolate chip cookies, seasonal jam filled cupcakes with peanut butter frosting), but perhaps none better than their signature item, The Trilogy ($4.99). This dessert is simple yet delicious: two pieces of Hawaiian sweet bread lathered in Nutella, topped with a gelato of your choice, pressed into a sandwich, and then toasted. The treat is enough for four, but we won’t judge if you wolf down the scrumptious sucker all by your lonesome.

Trilogy Bake Shop
679 Main St, New Rochelle
914) 278-9947