Somers Resident Peter V. Busatti’s Pizza Train Serves Brick-Oven Pizzas to Westchester

Side order: The Pizza Train—a mini pizzeria on wheels—can cook pies in as fast as 90 seconds

In tough economic times, what’s a 20-year licensed contractor to do when remodeling jobs dry up?

If you’re Peter V. Busatti, you make pizza.

“Prior to and coinciding with when I started contracting,” says the resident of the Amawalk section of Somers, “I cooked in restaurants.” Firewood and bricks he had at his home started him thinking he should build a mobile pizza oven.

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He began in May 2012, and, approximately three months later (and minus 400 bricks and $8,000), he had created the Pizza Train (914-879-6864; “It’s essentially a cab with coolers, sinks, and a workstation, plus a wood-fired brick oven, on a trailer.” His first booking was in July, and he’s since done kids’ parties, car shows, corporate events, county fairs, and barbecues. He charges about $15 a head.

Busatti uses a combination of hickory wood for flavor and oak for heat; the oven regularly maintains 750°F. His 10-ounce, 12-inch, crispy-crust pies come in three main varieties: Classic (olive oil, garlic, grated Parmesan, mozzarella, and dabs of ricotta; Margherita (fresh tomato sauce, basil, and grated Parmesan); and Original (mozzarella and sauce). Busatti also has made special-request pies with toppings such as pulled pork.

The pies cook in about 90 seconds to three minutes, depending on the pie type.