Smile Pretty

Dental Health Do’s & Don’ts.

DO: know your past

“Being aware of a family history of periodontal disease, decay rate, and orthodontic issues can be beneficial in managing your oral health,” says Kelly Kochan, DDS, who practices in Mount Kisco.

DO: practice prevention

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“As far as prevention goes, the most important thing is how well you maintain your mouth at home,” says Kochan. “Brush, preferably with an electric toothbrush, for two minutes, twice a day, and floss, proxy-brush or Waterpik to clean between the teeth. It’s a good idea to also brush your tongue once a day.”  

DO: watch what you eat

“Excess sugars in candy, soda, and sports drinks aren’t good for your general or dental health, and can cause tooth decay,” Kochan warns

DON’T: smoke

“Stay away from smoking, including e-cigs,” advises Kochan.  

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DON’T: avoid dental visits

“Many Millennials don’t have dental insurance or are struggling financially,” says Kochan. “But it’s important and is worth the investment.”