Juniper Is Serving Up Duck, And We Love It

The Hastings-on-Hudson restaurant’s latest offerings.


Duck Liver Parfait, Duck Terrine, Port Gelée, Horseradish Mousse, and Shallot Marmalade

Juniper, Hastings-on-Hudson

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Juniper is serving up duck.

Some chefs have civilian fans, but Chef Alex Sze is so technically proficient that many of his biggest admirers are actually other chefs. In fact, among all local chefs, I’ve never heard any other chef praised with such reverence by fellow chefs as the diffident young Sze—which is amazing, given that Sze has a degree in Biology from UConn and never attended cooking school (though he somehow talked his way into the DC kitchen of a French icon, Michel Ricard). Do yourself a favor and follow Juniper on Facebook to see what the fuss is about; Juniper is slinging taut, clean food that’s veritable kitchen porn. Case in point, this stunning duck dish pictured here. Best of all, Juniper is BYOB, so an evening here won’t break the bank.