Hudson Valley Weather’s Alex Marra: No Christmas Snow in Westchester

Regional weather guru Alex Marra’s prediction on whether the weather will be wintry or wimpy on Christmas day.

Will there be a white Christmas in Westchester? Perhaps next year.

As with all of our weather-related questions, we turned to Alex Marra, self-taught meteorologist and founder of Hudson Valley Weather, for the answers. And we’re sorry to say that Marra has forecasted—and his forecasts are scary good—a zero percent chance of snowfall for Christmas on Thursday.

“It’s not looking good,” said Marra, who added Westchester and The Hudson Valley should be prepared for “a very wet and warm Christmas.”

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As for the rest 2014—all six days after Christmas—Marra concluded that December looks as though it will be ending on a mild note. But he added that winter enthusiasts shouldn’t give up hope yet.

“It does look like, as we start the New Year, that winter will try to make a return,” Marra said.

So far for Westchester, only cloudy skies, scattered showers, and clear roads—but don’t count out winter just yet.

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