County Executive’s Breakfast

Westchester Marriott Hotel, Tarrytown

Approximately 300 people attended the 2013 “County Executive’s Breakfast” organized by the Westchester County Association. After a PowerPoint presentation by WCA Chairman Bill Harrington about the Association’s impact in the areas of government reform, healthcare reform, and economic development, Astorino took the stage to outline his administration’s priorities for 2013 and deliver the State of the County address. He said his administration has controlled spending in a bipartisan manner, maintained the County’s Triple A credit rating, did not raise taxes, and is working to limit layoffs. Astorino expressed dissatisfaction that Governor Cuomo did not focus on comprehensive mandate relief in his recent State of the State Address. He also said that the County has lived up to the contract signed with HUD to build affordable housing in Westchester. Astorino is running for re-election this November.