Ask Westchester's Annual End-of-the-Year Quiz

Our Annual End-of-the-Year Quiz

No, it’s not our version of a clip show; we hate clip shows. Instead, it’s our annual chance to Cosmo/Maxim-up our mag with a little quiz, and see if you’ve been paying attention. So light the fire and gather round the kiddies. It’s trivia time.

Question One: In January, the probable origin of the word “wedge” was finally revealed. (It came, most likely, from a mispronunciation of the word “sandwich” at Landi’s Grocery Store in Yonkers.) But the term never spread outside the area. Can you match the imposter term for the sandwich to the city in which you’re most likely to hear it used?
(1) Hoagie
(2) Po’ Boy
(3) Longboy
(4) Bomber
(5) Spuckie

(a) Boston
(b) Philadelphia
(c) New Orleans
(d) Buffalo
(e) Nowhere, we made it up

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Question Two: Our February issue told the story of David Glasgow Farragut, a Civil War hero most famous for allegedly shouting what?
(a) “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.”
(b) “This is where we fight! This is where they die!”
(c) “Damn the torpedoes—full speed ahead!”
(d) “By the power of Greyskull … I have the powerrr!!!”

Question Three: Think back to our March issue and tell us: Where’d we get the name “Westchester” anyway?
(a) From Alexander Chester, one of the original explorers to reach the area.
(b) From the English town of Chester, which is “west” of many English towns in the same way we are “west” of many New England towns.
(c) To differentiate us from Eastchester, which was here first.
(d) Surprisingly, no records reveal the true origin of the name.

Question Four: In May…and June…and
July, we answered the question, “What’s Westchester Worth?” So, what is Westchester worth?
(a) About a billion dollars
(b) About a trillion dollars
(c) About 10 trillion dollars
(d) I don’t know; I stopped reading when you couldn’t answer it in one issue.

Question Five: In August, we were amazed to learn that Westchester County has a sister city (Jingzhou, Hubei Province, China). Can you match the actual cities in Westchester to each of the sister cities each either has or had?
(1) New Rochelle
(2) Yonkers
(3) Peekskill
(4) Mount Vernon

(a) Poços de Caldas, Brazil
(b) Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland
(c) Ternopil, Ukraine
(d) La Rochelle, France

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Question Six: September featured a nostalgic roller-coaster ride back to the Westchester County Fair. Now, come on, you remember the words to the fair’s theme song that played jubilantly (and incessantly) each summer. Which of the following were actual lines in the ditty?
(1) Shows, animals, fireworks, too; it’s about the most fun thing you can do.
(2) Tons of games, loads of fun, in Westchester it’s number one.
(3) Rides and attractions…non-stop action.
(4) In the city, round the town, the fair is open, so come on down.
(5) Every family everywhere loves the Westchester County Fair.

Question Seven: October’s issue was more “trick” than “treat” for us as we snubbed the “Shadowbrook” estate in Irvington by stating it was part of Washington Irving’s Sunnyside. As for Shadowbrook, it is the famous former home of Irving Berlin. So, which of the following do the two Irvings have in common, and which is unique to just one of them?
(1) Born in Russia
(2) Town of Irving, Texas, once home of the Dallas Cowboys, named after him
(3) Real name is Israel
(4) Depicted on U.S. postage stamp
(5) Lived in what is now Tarrytown

Question Eight: Last year, it was “buildings and landmarks”; what was this year’s most popular subject to ask about?
(a) Buildings/Landmarks
(b) Roads/Rails
(c) History
(d) County issues

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