Zeshan A. Chaudhry, 24

CEO, Royale Car & Limousine Service

CEO, Royale Car & Limousine Service

Zeshan A. Chaudhry always knew what he wanted to be when he grew up: a successful businessman. In August 2014, at age 23, after four years of putting in 60-hour workweeks as a car salesman in Scarsdale, Chaudhry decided to pursue that long-term goal. Taking advantage of his sales and marketing skills, he used the money he saved from working at the car dealership and launched a luxury-car-service company, Westchester-based Royale Car & Limousine Service. The small startup has gone from generating a few hundred dollars to more than $250,000 in annual revenue within a year, with projections to double sales in 2016. What makes Royale stand out? “I want our clients to have a personal touch with our company and not just feel like another ‘customer,’” Chaudhry says. Today, the company has 17 employees and vehicles, including full-time independent operators and their vehicles, which consist of Chevy Suburbans, Cadillacs, Mercedes-Benzes, and Lincoln Town Cars. With more than 350 accounts—which include major corporations and professionals throughout Westchester (clients include CitiGroup, PepsiCo, and Clear Channel)—Chaudhry keeps busy making his childhood dream a reality.


• What‘s next for Royale? The company is currently in the process of switching out all of its sedans to luxury electric-car Tesla model-S vehicles. “We want to be the first car service company in Westchester to go eco-friendly with our sedans,” Chaudhry says.

• Chaudhry personally meets every new client. “I want our clients to have a personal touch with our company and not just feel like another ‘customer‘ but to feel like they can trust us,“he explains.

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• Last year Chaudhry started another company, Fouzia Group of Properties LLC, an investment company through which he buys foreclosed homes, repairs them, and rents/flips them. He is currently working on his third property.