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Back-to-school time means getting back into a laundry routine that may include new stains and challenges. Between spilled lunches and sweaty after school activities, we find ourselves doing 4-5 loads of laundry a week. Just when you think you’re finished, the basket starts to fill up again, causing laundry to be your least favorite chore.

In order to make this tedious task more enjoyable, you’ve got to craft an efficient layout for your laundry area. Regardless of whether your laundry room is spacious or compact, there are plenty of features and accessories you can introduce into your space to improve its overall style and function.

1) Custom Cabinetry — Brighten up your laundry room and boost its functionality with custom cabinetry. This will make your laundry room a more comfortable and calming place to do the household cleaning. Craft the perfect mixture of finishes and colors so these typically small spaces will look spacious and airy. 



2) Tilt-Out Hampers — No more dragging big clunky laundry baskets around the house. Tilt-out hampers are removable, lightweight nylon bags and easy to grab and go. They are stored behind cabinet faces that blend in with your laundry room, removing unsightly and unpleasant-to-be-around dirty laundry from accumulating in piles on the floor. Installing 2 – 3 tilt-outs will make sorting laundry lightning fast. These hampers also help keep your laundry room clean and tidy and increase space without losing functionality. They simply tuck away when not in use allowing you more room to move and work.



3) Sliding Chrome Baskets — Open shelving is great for items you need to grab on the fly while you work. Add organization and a metallic design element to your open shelving with sliding chrome baskets. They reflect the metallic look of washers and dryers and tie the design together. Sliding chrome baskets still allow you to see all of the shelf’s contents without having loose items. Towels and washcloths are a great thing to have on hand for quickly cleaning up spills on floors and counters. Frequently used items such as cleaning supplies, detergent, softener and dryer sheets can all be tucked neatly away and are nearby when you need them. Sliding chrome baskets are also very easy to clean.



4) Drying Racks & Rods — Consider dedicating some space for hanging clothes and delicates that should not be placed in the dryer. Drying racks allow you to hang and drip-dry your clothes without causing a mess or taking up a lot of space. For a clean look, make your drying rack a pull-out so it can hide behind cabinetry faces when not in use. If space is limited, try using a valet rod instead.  Just pull on the end cap at the front and an extra hang bar pulls out. It’s a great solution for hanging space when you need it and a little extra breathing room when you don’t. These rods also work great for sorting/ hanging clothes that go to different rooms and for composing outfits.



5) Drawer Mounted Ironing Board — Instead of having an ironing board that’s hard to move and even more difficult to stand up, why not take it easy on yourself? All you need to do is open your ironing board drawer and presto, up pops your ironing board, ready for use. Position the board in a number of different preset options and take advantage of the 180-degree rotation. 




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