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With every new school year, there is a flurry of excitement and emotion. Entering a new grade, seeing old friends, meeting unfamiliar teachers, and saying goodbye to summer can be very bittersweet. While some crave the structure that comes with it, others dread the idea of getting back into a rapid routine.

By following these five tips, your kids will develop good habits that can help the whole family transition into the school year with ease.

1. Give your kids the tools to get ready quickly. Well-equipped storage can go a long way in creating an easy, breezy morning routine. Make it simple for your child to choose their outfits by streamlining their wardrobes. Create a hanging section with matching items for them to pick from. Custom cabinetry inspires the good nature of putting things away, so those nice, new back-to-school outfits can stay off the floor and make it through the school year. Reduce the time spent searching for items by neatly storing backpacks and shoes by the door. 


2. Create a clutter-free environment. Provide your children with easy ways to clean up after themselves. Specifically, use low shelving and labelled storage bins for all their toys and gadgets. A clean room won’t overstimulate their senses, distract them, make relaxation difficult or trigger guilt for letting things get out of control. A clutter-free space helps improve study habits and promotes healthy living. 



3. Make homework more enjoyable. The first six weeks of school are typically structured to lay the groundwork for a productive year. Give your child the support they need by creating a space where the two of you can work side-by-side on homework and other pressing deadlines. This gives your child the opportunity to learn from your good work habits and allows them to ask for help when needed. 



4. Encourage playtime after school hours. From your perspective, free play can look like silly fun, but to a child, free play is how they destress, experiment and observe the world around them. A playroom is important because it gives kids a dedicated space to play without interfering with the rest of the home. Whether they enjoy scrapbooking or building model airplanes, a craft room will make a great studio for their innovative endeavors. Create a cozy corner to spark your child’s imagination, complete with a useful combination of drawers and cabinets. 



5. Eat dinner as a family. Believe it or not, your family’s eating habits can have a profound effect on your child’s academic success. This simple act will provide your child with stability. Regular mealtimes gives you the chance to connect and share important information with your child. Try turning off all electronics and ask questions about their day to get the conversation started.