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When the weather changes, so does your wardrobe. Seasonal switch outs can be the perfect opportunity to evaluate every item in your closet. However, many people dread this tedious process. Make your seasonal wardrobe shifts as quick and painless as possible with these five simple suggestions …


1. A Functional & Seasonal Design – A well-designed closet is the “be-all and end-all” to an organized life. With a generous amount of storage, your belongings are beautifully organized and attainable. When preparing for the warmer months, place your shorts and sundresses in the part of your closet that is the easiest to access. Dedicate a section to store sweaters in airtight containers to protect them from dusts and moths. Also, consider shelves or shoe racks for out-of-season boots or accessories like hats and scarves. Creating a special space for your seasonal items keeps you perfectly organized all year long


2. Divide Your Time – So many people dive into this project and lose steam or get distracted halfway through. To ensure that you organize your things in the best way, come up with a system for cleaning out one area at a time. Start with shoes, move on to your hanging clothes, then the clothes in your drawers, etc. Breaking it down into small, manageable projects will make the whole process a lot less daunting.


3. Group Things Together – It is immensely helpful to group similar items together when you’re cleaning out your closet. Keep all your pants together, all your sweaters together, all of your dresses together and so on. This helps you find all your items quickly when doing a seasonal swap. This system also lets you look at your entire wardrobe so you can decide which items you might be able to eliminate


4. Do The Hanger Trick – One of the best ways to pare down on clothing is to use the hanger trick: insert all of your hanging clothes on the rack with hangers backwards on the rod. When you pick out one of these items to wear, hang it up facing forward. At the end of the season, you can easily tell which items you haven’t worn at all – these are the ones to consider letting go.


5. Add Lighting – Make the contents of your closet or dressing room fully visible with under-mounted shelf lights and sensor activated drawer lights. Ample lighting will put your wardrobe in full view early in the mornings and in the evenings when dressing rooms are used most. Sufficient LED lighting will add comfort and convenience to your living spaces.