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All of the big players in color have just come out with their picks for 2016’s Color of the Year. Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Glidden have all chosen whites and it’s easy to see why. Here’s an explanation of why white is the way to go in 2016.

1. White plays with light and provides a canvas for shadows. It highlights the relief and depth found in the ins and outs of the room’s design. It let’s the shape of things become more important and obvious.

2. It allows you to be more adventurous with the other colors in the palate for your space. White isn’t just for trim and ceilings this year. It provides striking contrast for bold colors and makes their lines and edges more dramatic. White is the most neutral neutral and matches just about anything.

3. White takes a backseat to allow other features to have focus. Think like an art gallery. Are you trying to let your furniture, artwork or decor stand out? Then white is a great option. 

4. White is also a great companion color. It cools and balances warm woodgrain finishes. It frames and focuses other colors and stays out of their way. White cleanses the color palate, so you can separate other bold colors in the environment. 

5. White seems simple, but there are millions of shades to choose from. They even work great in combination. Try matching a flat white with one that has a pinch of grey. Another great suggestion is to use warmer, creamier whites with variations that have a hint of cinnamon.

White is the humble workhorse of interior design. It can be used in large doses and makes for luxurious looking interiors without being gaudy or flashy. Plus, this classic and timeless look won’t go out of style in a few years. That’s why white is the color of choice for 2016.


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