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From Vera Wang to Martha Stewart, the women of Westchester know how to stand out and make their way to the forefront of their industry. Here are a few of the qualities that Westchester’s successful business women have in common.

1. They are Passionate: Successful women love their work and use that enthusiasm as a motivator. It keeps them working harder and in a more creative way. Their passion drives them to deeper knowledge, innovation and determination. Passion can also be contagious and help motivate others on their team or their employees to help them reach their goals and accomplish what they have set out to do.

2. They Believe in their Abilities: They know they are capable of succeeding and have the tools to do it. Successful women think of how they will reach their goal as a roadmap. When they reach a dead end, they change direction and take a different route, always keeping an eye on their destination and knowing they will get there.


3. They are Risk Takers: It takes guts and bravery to get ahead. Risk means that there is a lot to be gained, as well as lost. Making a big change or passing up on other opportunities to pursue a passion is a scary thing, but successful women take these chances without batting an eye.

4. They are Not Afraid of Failure: Successful women are inspired and not deterred by their failures. They realize that missteps will help them improve and find a better path to their goal. These women may have a great idea that they truly believe in, that could be passed up on time and time again, and these women keep on pitching it until it becomes their reality.

5. They Define Success for Themselves: Accomplished women are all about self-determination and setting their own goals and priorities. They don’t let others judge them based on external standards. So long as they are reaching their goals and aspirations, they are a success and an inspiration to those around them.

transFORM is proud to be sponsoring this year’s Women in Business Luncheon from 914INC. The event honors the most enterprising and successful businesswomen in the county at an outstanding luncheon where they can meet the honorees and learn from their successes.

transFORM employs 20 professional women in Westchester County. They are accountants, administrative assistants, art curators, stylists, designers, engineers, and office managers. transFORM is happy to honor and acknowledge the women of transFORM and all of the hard working business women in Westchester County through our support of the Women in Business Luncheon from 914INC.


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