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It’s well known that Westchester County has some of the country’s most beautiful homes. One of the crowning features of a high-end luxury home is the ever-coveted walk-in closet. Here are a few examples of Westchester’s sexiest luxury walk-in closets.


1. Let’s start with a timeless beauty. This boutique style walk-in dressing room radiates elegance in white painted maple wood with polished brass knobs and rods. Interior and under cabinet lighting conveniently illuminate the whole dressing room so the abundance of wardrobe selections can be seen in full detail. Long and double hanging sections organize shirts, skirts, pants and dresses. Notice how the glass shelving and doors are used to display their exclusive collection of handbags. There is a cozy seat in front of the mirror to do make up. Slanted shoe shelves have plenty of room to organize and show off their favorite footwear, while a glass fronted boot cabinet calls attention to their pride and joy: tall, sexy leather boots. The center island with overhanging marble countertop can be a place to relax and start the morning slow, or wind down after a stressful days work.  This design also includes a felt-lined jewelry drawer, tilt-out removable hampers, a pants rack, a tie rack and scarf rack. What better environment could there be to mix and match the perfect ensemble?


2. For those with a taste for modern home interiors, there’s this gorgeous walk-in closet with all the bells and whistles. Ample lighting throughout conveniently illuminates the dressing room so you can view your whole wardrobe. The glass shelves and mosaic-patterned tempered glass door fronts add a soft touch to the design and let you display your personality through your photos and home decor. A hiding drop-down television lets you catch up on your favorite shows while getting ready for work in the morning or a dinner party in the evening. The pullout accessory cabinet has additional shelving for boxes storing collectables and tall shoes and boots. Hat and double coat hooks easily store your jackets and other grab-and-go necessities. The dressing room also features a sleek pullout pant rack to effortlessly access your clothing without extending your reach. For the shoe enthusiast, there are two sets of slanted shoe shelves with shoe fences that attractively organize and showcase your finest footwear. The center island and bench provide extra storage for jewelry, a convenient and comfortable place to put on shoes, and two spacious pullout laundry hampers.


3. Maybe your thing is the classic look. This traditionally styled dressing room shines in bright vanilla with beautiful shaker doors and drawers and polished chrome hardware. The glass shelving and glass doors allow for ample light and space that give the room a comfortable and expansive feeling. That’s not all, though. This dressing room has a few more features that whip up some serious closet envy. They include spacious divided drawers, gliding double felt lined jewelry trays and decorative base and crown moldings. The cabinetry also encloses additional hanging sections, shelving and removable tilt-out laundry hampers. The slanted shoe shelves put your footwear collection front and center. Additional accessories include pivoting pullout belt, tie and scarf racks that organize the ever-important final touches of a great outfit. The variety of lighting included accents and illuminates the long flowing dresses and sharply pressed suits that shouldn’t be hidden away in the closets of Westchester’s fashion elite.


4. For those with less space and a faster paced lifestyle, there’s this little gem.  Long flat cabinet faces and long bar handles give the space a minimalist modern style. The two-tone white and walnut colors and matte chrome handles add to its European look of bold simplicity. Some of the features included are adjustable shelving, single and double hanging sections, a center island with tons of drawer space, pant hanging section, divided laundry hamper, felt lined jewelry drawer and shoe shelves.


5. This stunning dressing room in maple wood with a crisp white painted finish has the feeling of heavenly peace and serenity. This fashion sanctuary features a bench radiator cover, hutch, center island, enclosed shoe wall with numerous shelves and cubbies, and (last but certainly not least) an adorable corner vanity with a large mirror. The beautiful marble counter tops and decorative handles add a little sparkle. The Island has deep velvet lined double jewelry drawers, large hampers and elegant corbels under the extended overhanging countertop. The hutch has clear glass shelves and framed glass door fronts to show off a little bit of your wonderful wardrobe. The dressing room is also fully outfitted with brushed chrome tie racks, belt racks, scarf racks and valet rods. Just imagine a space like this in your home. I know I could daydream away the afternoon looking at Westchester’s beautiful and luxurious custom walk-in closets.


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