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If you think cleaning valuable wool and silk area rugs is simply a matter of frequent vacuuming and avoiding spills, think again. Keeping your fine area rugs clean and in excellent condition may not mean spending more time on their care, but it does mean using the right approach. Take it from the experts at RevitaRUGS who share their knowledge and experience while dispelling myths about cleaning and caring for fine rugs.

Myth #1: Having your rugs cleaned in-home is best.

Wall-to-wall carpet cleaning is not the same as having an area rug cleaned outside your home in a plant operation. Topical in-home cleaning is never adequate for Oriental, Persian, or handmade rugs, which have a pile, weft, and warp foundation and are tightly knotted. In fact, in-home topical cleaning can actually damage these fine rugs even if they are machine made. DO: Have your area rugs cleaned at an in-plant facility, check their processes, and ask for references. 

Myth #2: All rugs can be treated by the same carpet cleaners.

Rugs are made from different materials that require different treatment. For example, antique rugs are handmade, usually at least a century old, and not easily replaced. Cleaning them requires meticulous care. It’s important to use an antique rug-cleaning expert who specializes in all types of antique fabrics, including silks and tapestries. Similarly, the care of Oriental rugs varies depending on the location of their origin—Turkish silk rugs require a different approach than Persian silks. DO: Be sure you’re putting the care of your area rugs in the hands of the right specialist.

Myth #3: Rugs should be cleaned every few years.

Having your rugs cleaned may seem reasonable at first. But, rugs should actually be cleaned annually and semi-annually if you have pets or people who smoke in your home, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. From the perspective of RevitaRUGS, if we shower daily, change our clothes daily, do our laundry and change our sheets weekly, why would we leave our wool rugs collecting dirt and bacteria year after year with just surface vacuuming? DO: Think of annual rug cleaning as a health and hygiene issue rather than a cosmetic clean-home task.

Myth #4: The best way to prevent stains is through a ScotchgardTM-type application.

Considering the amount of time and money we invest in our homes, it is important to protect our assets. That includes our valuable and delicate rugs. Protection against stains has evolved considerably since ScotchgardTM was first introduced. After thorough research and testing, RevitaRUGS turned to the best existing technology—the proprietary, non-toxic, natural resin product it continues to use for wool, silk and viscose fiber protection. The excess from liquid spills can easily be soaked up with nothing more than paper toweling. The protection prevents permanent damage to rug fibers and lasts for at least two years. DO: Protect your rugs with an effective non-toxic product.

If your rug is begging for a professional deep clean, get your fast, free, no-obligation quote from one of our RevitaRUGS experts today. Call (855) 5-REVITA or complete our contact form.


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