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2022 Spring Home & Garden Guide

Clutter-Free Closets & Storage


California Closets

California Closets

16 Saw Mill River Rd

Spring is the perfect time to assess, revamp, and maximize your storage space. Now more than ever, our homes have become our offices, schools, but more importantly, our sanctuaries. As we spend more time at home, it’s never been more important to stay organized. California Closets has built a reputation as a leader in delivering truly custom products and unparalleled service to clients. We build customized, home storage solutions including, offices, pantries, garages, closets, and playroom storage in any size for any budget with a variety of finishes, textures, and hardware options. California Closets also provides several trimming options to help customize your space, including sliding doors, jewelry trays, lighting, valet rods, and tie/belt racks. Our storage solutions are not only beautiful, they’re designed specifically for you and the way you live.

Organize With GC

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Ready to bring the spring back in your step? When spring cleaning and organizing, be realistic. Create a system that is ideal for you and works for your day to day! Start by prioritizing one room at a time by making a to-do list. Pair down, donate, or trash items that you may have multiples of, have not used or worn in six months, or that are weathered or expired. Categorize and label your bins and baskets to keep items neatly contained. This allows for a faster tidy-up! Maximize the space in your home by utilizing vertical spaces, adding hooks behind doors and in cabinets. For inspirational photos and support, contact Organize With GC today!


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