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Wunderkinds Class of 2013

  • Franco Cabral COO
    Adcorp Media Group

  • Mariana Delgado-Gambini Owner/ Pastry Chef
    Chantilly Bakery

  • Joseph De Cicco EVP
    De Cicco Family Market

  • Ryford Estores President/Founder
    Self-Cut System

  • Jessie Rosenberg, PHD Research Staff Member
    IBM TJ Watson Research Center

  • Robert Kissner Founder & CEO
    Digital Arts Experience

  • Samantha Mittler-Elchenberg Trading Operations Manager
    Kingdom Ridge Capital/THE DESSERTIST

  • Jennifer Poste Doctor
    Sound Shore Medical Center

  • Maria MakajSalesperson
    Houlihan Lawrence

  • Vincent Gentile Che/fCo-Owner

  • Joseph Schinco CEOChef/Co-Owner

  • Joe Lore Owner & Principal Designer
    Joe Lore Design

  • Olivia Ecker Facilities Coordinator

  • Nickie McCall Senior Financial Analyst

  • Zach Dayton Assistant Athletics Director
    for Marketing & Promotions
    Pace University

  • Samantha Durante Banerjee Founder/CEO
    Medley Media

  • Mary Grace Henry Founder
    Reverse the Course

  • Ryan Will Sales Manager
    Grand Prix

  • Rob Andersen Senior Reactor Operator
    Indian Point

  • Katherine Delgado Deputy Chief of Staff
    Westchester County Government

  • Vinnie Monaco Pace

  • Marie Yezzo Director of Supply Chain

  • Jeremy Leventhal Managing Partner
    Faros Properties

  • Nathan Maurer Senior Manager, IT Security
    Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings

  • Richard Silver R&D Senior Engineer

  • Adam Feigen Manager, External Communications
    Heineken USA