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10 Tips To Help Brighten Your Day

Are you having a great day? Whatever your answer, why not try and make it even better? Here are a few tips to get you on track towards having the best day ever.

1.  Make your morning great. Wake up to something that makes you happy and the rest of the day will follow suit.  When you wake up, try to spend a few minutes looking outside of your bedroom window.  Having a connection with nature, or starting your day in a self-affirming way, are very important to having a bright and positive outlook.

2.  Smile at everyone. Smiles can be highly contagious and dealing with nice people will make your day much better.  Projecting a warm feeling encourages others to send it back to you.  Set the tone for your day by sending out positivity and kindness with a smile.

3.  Have patience.  What’s the rush? Putting stress and pressure on ourselves creates impatience.  Learn to enjoy times where we simply have to wait.  While waiting in line, take the opportunity to have a friendly passing conversation with someone new or catch up on trending news in your favorite local magazine.

4.  Practice selflessness.  Giving and contributing to the lives of others in a meaningful way, is the best way to create a true internal brightness, and deep sense of self worth.

5.  Don’t forget to laugh.  Cue up the kittens on YouTube and have a belly-rolling chuckle.  A good laugh will lift your spirits and chase away any gloominess with a clear and upbeat attitude.

6.  Stop and smell the roses.  Make time today to watch the sunrise or set.  Go for a walk or try that new place for lunch.  A little simple and rewarding spontaneity is a great use of time.

7.  Good days are spent in great company.  Spend the day with people you always have a great time with.  Friends and loved ones usually have a knack for knowing what cheers you up, and they are ready to help.

8.  Quiet your mind.  Often, even our thoughts can be crowded and cluttered.  Focus and clarity are key to feeling confident and capable.  If you get stressed or overwhelmed, hit the reset button by taking 5 minutes to settle down and gain some useful peace and perspective.

9.  Let the small things roll off your shoulders.  Sometimes we spill gasoline on our shoes, or lock ourselves out of the house.  Take a deep breath and know that you will forget all about it in a week or two.  Try to keep your smaller misfortunes in perspective.

10. Find and acknowledge the things that brighten your day. You can’t find the silver lining if you aren’t looking for it.  Discover and appreciate the simple things that make you feel better, and do more of them.  It can be as simple and inexpensive as having fresh flowers around your home.  Reinforce your happiness, you deserve it.

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