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10 Tips for Working from Home

1. Define Your Work Space.  It’s so much more than just having a door to your home office. Defining your workspace also means removing any distractions from the area and establishing boundaries during your work time.  Simple things like letting your home phone go to voicemail will add up to a lot of saved productivity.

2. Get a Very Comfortable Chair.  Make your home office a comfortable place where you enjoy passing the time accomplishing your daily goals.  Comfort helps maintain a positive and proactive attitude that can make all the difference in your workday.

3. Keep Plants and Pet Photos.  Our surroundings influence our mood, so it’s best to surround ourselves with positive things.  A few colorful or lush green plants and some funny or loveable pet photos are easy ways to brighten your mood and keep you motivated without becoming distracted.

4. Have a View of the Yard.  Dimly lit offices with tight spaces can be stress inducing.  Let the sunshine in. Placing your desk near a window can make your office feel like a bigger and brighter place to be.

5. Use Task Lighting. There are so many options beyond the outdated desk lamp these days.  Adjustable LED task lighting can help produce just the right amount of light across your whole work area.  The conventional desk lamp is very bright in a small portion of the space you could be using.  Think of mounted lights for your file drawers and storage cabinets also to make finding files and documents quicker and easier.

6. Go for a Long Walk. Don’t forget that breaks are needed to clear the mind, get perspective on an issue, or just to recharge your batteries.  During a day working indoors, its nice to stretch your legs and get some fresh air for a few minutes.

7. Dress Up. Getting dressed puts you in the mindset for work. Dressing the part will help you remember to maintain a professional demeanor and help to prevent being overly casual with your business contacts.

8. Keep Lists. Being organized and on task is made simple by managing your assignments and duties over a few lists.  Having one list for work from home tasks, one for out of the house errands, and one for things you’ve been meaning to start, or get back to, can be very helpful.  Rotate between the lists.  If you aren’t getting anywhere on a particular list, switch it up and start another task.

9. Stay in Touch with the Boss. Communication is key.  Let the boss know you are working. Report in with your completed projects or progress with a client.  Let them know when something goes wrong.  Don’t be forgotten while working from home or fly under the radar.

10. Stay Motivated. Your work is your work. Keep the same daily hours as if you were reporting to an office. Often tasks will be left for you to accomplish independently.  Use it as an opportunity to showcase your capability and self-reliance.

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