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Westchester County Revolving Door, August 4, 2015

WESTMED has new co-medical directors, PepsiCo announces a series of high-profile leadership appointments, plus more personnel and business comings and goings this week.

College Kids, Tired Of Eating Ramen And Pizza For Dinner?

Skip the Easy Mac and check out these Westchester spots that are serving up your college favorites--with a gourmet twist.

Choosing the Perfect Watermelon For National Watermelon Day

August 3 is National Watermelon Day, and you’ll actually have an excuse to eat all the melon your heart desires.

Two Companies Chosen To Dispense Medical Marijuana In Westchester

Etain and Empire State Health Solutions will be our go-tos for green

Looking For Antique Vendors? Check Out The Chappaqua Flea

Hastings Flea founder Ilana Arazie on starting and expanding her flea market enterprise.

From Humble Beginnings To Country's Best Pizza—Frank Pepe Defines The American Dream

The New Haven import with a location in Yonkers celebrates its 90th anniversary and plans expansion.

Holidays Are Great, But This One Takes The Cake!

This dessert may be a part of New York culture just as much as bagels or angry drivers, but when it comes to cheesecake, messing with a classic isn’t always a bad thing

How Many Hours Must A Minimum-Wage Employee Work To Live In Westchester?

There is a gap between the need for rental housing and people’s ability to pay, a problem that affects Westchester communities in unique ways.

Fizz. Clink. Glug. Cool Off With Some Local Bubbly

Effervescent summer drinks: where to find the fizzzz.

How Heineken USA Does Sustainability

The White Plains-based beverage giant puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to sustainability initiatives.

It’s National Milk Chocolate Day!

Who doesn't love milk chocolate? Our editors tasted nine basic bars all purchased at local supermarkets and drugstores to separate the best from the worst.

So You Thought Millennials Were Slackers, Huh? Think Again, They're Moving Next Door

The slacker generation is growing up and becoming an active force in real estate.

Say Goodbye To A&P

Westchester A&P shoppers learned last week that their local grocery store will shortly close or be under new management, plus other developments in the world of Westchester business this week.

The Best Of Italian Architecture Right In Your Backyard

Discover "La Quercia,” a Tuscan-style villa in the woods of Croton-on-Hudson.

What's A Brewery To Do During Prohibition? Start Making Ice Cream Of Course

Our summer-long series showcasing the county’s lick-worthy ice cream continues with Yuengling.

Does Minimum-Wage Work Deserve A Minimum-Wage Increase?

On Tuesday, the New York State Fast Food Wage Board voted unanimously to raise the minimum hourly wage for employees of fast food chains to $15.

Tired Of Spending On Produce Gone Bad? Check Out These Farms For The Freshest Summer Items

Part with pre-packaged fruits and spoiled veggies by heading to these county farms for the best the season has to offer.

Latest Housing Numbers: Prices Down, Sales Up

The Latest Elliman Report brings more positive news than you might think.

These Crabs Take The Cake

Ready for a crab crawl? Here are some of the tastiest crab cakes in Westchester county.

Aaannd We Know Exactly How We're Spending Sundae Day

Our summer-long series showcasing the county’s lick-worthy ice cream spots continues with some of the most creative sundaes we've ever seen.
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